Customs Brokerage Services

Through years of experience our specialized team has the ability to draw a full picture of your customers’ requirements

If you’re importing to the USA, you need a Licensed Customs Broker to submit your entry documentation to US Customs & Border Protection.

NRL Logistics Air and Ocean has an extensive history of handling customs clearances, with Customs offices located throughout the USA. Our Licensed customs brokers will guide you through the process in a compliant and timely manner. In addition, our worldwide network of branches, backed by our state of the art systems allows you access to a wealth of information your business needs.

Our full range of customs brokerage services includes:

• Electronic Entry of Imported Goods at USA office.
• Clearing Live Entries
• Landed Costing reports available
• Carnet, Temporary Imports
• Shipment Monitoring and Status Reports
• Local Transport and Deliveries
• Tariff Classification Advice
• Consultancy Services
• Export
• Customs procedure and Tariffs Consultancy
• Transit
• Air/ Sea Customs Clearance