About Us

NRL Logistics was established in 2004, to be a full service INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDER, customs broker , provider of export, import and brokerage service.
We have 28 energetic, enthusiastic and well-educated staff to achieve our high quality standard. Providing cost effective and reliable freight forwarding.

We provide comprehensive logistics services to our customers through strategic alliance with air and ocean carriers, etc., based on our capability to integrate and streamline Supply Chain Management process to help customers enjoy feasible logistics solution to optimize their cost and to ensure timely delivery.

NRL Logistics is well recognized and established within the international markets, particularly in Middle East, USA, Asia and Europe due to our scientific, systematic, strategic and personal approach to management.


NRL Logistics is a simplistic, direct and most effective forwarding company, which permits the achievement of the group mission with merit. NRL Logistics has the mission to answer our clients’ specific requirements.
NRL Logistics would like to be a bridge between the importers and exporters in order to satisfy the expectations of the clients. We are a company consisting of a group of highly qualified professionals in the field of international freight forwarding.

NRL Logistics is pursuing following principal objectives

To provide the most suitable service to the customers in every destination

To strengthen our position in through competition against major competitors

To satisfy the endless expectations of the customers

As a customer of NRL Logistics, you can rely on

An “anything is possible“ attitude.

A commitment to delivering your freight consignments on time and damage-free, and to promptly and honestly resolve issues when they arise.

Improvement in service through reinvestment in people, facilities, equipment and technologies.


We promote our people from within, and encourage innovative, non-hierarchical and decisive outlooks. Our teams regard each other as family and often share mealtimes together.

NRL Logistics employs experienced staff with high qualification and provides professional three-month training program for the new comers to enhance and upgrade their customer service concept, communication skills, language proficiency and knowledge in both airfreight and sea freight.


Our mission is to sustain exceptional freight services delivering complete customer satisfaction.
Identifying your needs and inquires
Providing immediate, accurate and thorough responses to customers request
We must be a highly competitive in significant market segments in order to attract Personnel empowerment, constant training and staying at the forefront of technology to sustain our leading edge
Strong market shares and keep a product position of exceptional quality service
Engender client loyalty via quality services and useful follow-up mechanism
Customize services as per individual client’s requirements
We will serve as an information center and educator to our clients, thereby increasing mutual awareness and understanding in order to supply the customer with exceptional service.